Earn Points for Unleashing Your Beauty with Alle in El Paso

Your beauty matters to you, so why not have the capacity to transform yourself while earning points towards your next treatment? With the Alle program, you can gain points on each of your Botox treatments that allow you to save on future treatments! SkinSational is a full service skin care and medical spa in El Paso offering patients access to the Alle program. Now, your beauty treatments are even more affordable!

How Does the Program Work?

At SkinSational, we know that you will love the effects of your Botox treatments, so when it comes time to refresh your looks even further, why not save? Enrollment in the Alle program allows you to earn points with each and every treatment. After you earn 600 points, you receive bonus rewards on all treatments.

You also enjoy special offers throughout the year just for being a member, and can keep track of your progress through a mobile app for your convenience. Once you reach 1,200 points, they will never expire, allowing you to enjoy treatments on your schedule. Get more out of your beauty treatments with Alle !

Sign Up for Alle Near Me

At SkinSational, we believe that true beauty should be rewarding, which is why we have partnered with the Alle program to offer you more. Earn points while unleashing your beauty with Botox by signing up on the links below.