Safe and Effective Eyelash Treatment with Latisse

Long, plump lashes have always been a signature of beauty, but not everyone is blessed with the eyelash fullness they are dreaming of. At SkinSational, we offer Latisse treatments in our state of the art medical spa in El Paso. This revolutionary treatment lengthens and fills in your natural lashes for lasting results that will stun those around you. Enjoy healthy, more beautiful lashes with Latisse at SkinSational.

How Does Latisse
in El Paso Work?

Like many great innovations in life, Latisse was discovered by accident! First developed as a medical treatment for glaucoma that reduces the pressure in the eyes, an unexpected, but very welcome, side effect of faster lash growth was discovered. Since then, Latisse has been FDA approved for the growth of longer, lusher eyelashes and has helped transform the beauty of millions of women around the globe.

Latisse requires daily application for the benefits to be seen, and after approximately 12 weeks, you will notice that your lashes look healthier, fuller and longer. You can expect your eyelashes to be twice as thick, 25% longer and almost 20% darker.

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Latisse is a safe and effective treatment option for women wishing to enjoy fuller, longer eyelashes. At SkinSational, we offer comprehensive access to Latisse, as well as a full consultation services for those wishing to learn more about the method. Book your appointment online, or give our team a call at