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I Have Loose Hanging Chin Skin. Can KYBELLA® Still Work for Me?

Meet Our Team | 03/17/2023

If you're struggling with a double chin or excess skin beneath the chin, find out if KYBELLA injections can be part of the solution.


Enhance the Appearance of Your Lips With JUVÉDERM®

Meet Our Team | 02/27/2023

Hyaluronic acid fillers can provide fullness to wrinkled or thin lips. See how HA fillers work and why so many patients prefer our JUVÉDERM treatment.


Can I Continue My Skincare Routine After BOTOX® Injections?

Meet Our Team | 01/31/2023

Suspending your skincare routine for a day or so after your BOTOX injections can help maintain your results and minimize signs of aging.


What Can I Eat After KYBELLA® Injections?

Meet Our Team | 12/26/2022

KYBELLA treatment is designed to target unwanted chin fat that makes you feel embarrassed. Learn about KYBELLA injections and how they work here.


How Can JUVÉDERM® Enhance the Cheeks?

Meet Our Team | 11/30/2022

Restore volume to your cheeks and achieve smoother, younger-looking skin with JUVÉDERM treatments.


Is it Safe to Take Ibuprofen After BOTOX® Injections?

Meet Our Team | 10/07/2022

BOTOX side effects include redness and swelling, but patients should avoid ibuprofen. Learn how to reduce side effects after BOTOX injections safely.


Will I See JUVÉDERM® Results Immediately?

Meet Our Team | 09/30/2022

Patients choose JUVÉDERM when they want to plump skin, smooth wrinkles, and see fast and long-lasting results.


How Can I Ease Swelling After KYBELLA® Injections?

Meet Our Team | 08/31/2022

Swelling is an unavoidable part of the KYBELLA recovery process, but there are some things you can do to help alleviate swelling after KYBELLA.


Will Laying Down After BOTOX® Injections Ruin my Results?

Meet Our Team | 07/29/2022

BOTOX injections involve little downtime, but it is still important to follow post-treatment guidelines. Learn how to maximize BOTOX results here.


Get Luscious Lips With JUVÉDERM® Injections

Meet Our Team | 06/27/2022

Thin lips may prevent you from feeling your best. Read about JUVÉDERM injections and how components like hyaluronic acid provide stunning results.


Can KYBELLA® Give Me A More Defined Jawline?

Meet Our Team | 05/28/2022

Learn how KYBELLA injections can provide a noninvasive and long-term solution to help reduce a double chin or jowls, and redefine your jawline.


Learn the Answers to FAQ About KYBELLA® Injections

Meet Our Team | 04/17/2022

KYBELLA injections are safe for helping individuals restore the appearance of their chins and jawlines by removing excess fat deposits.


Will Years of BOTOX® Injections Give me Saggy Facial Skin?

Meet Our Team | 03/25/2022

BOTOX injections are a popular anti-aging treatment that makes you appear years younger. Learn how our wrinkle relaxers prevent saggy facial skin.


Three Common Areas of the Face to Restore Volume

Meet Our Team | 02/27/2022

Our team at SkinSational MedSpa provides patients in El Paso, TX with facial fat transfer treatments to combat volume loss.


Is It Safe to Get BOTOX® Treatment Without Having Facial Wrinkles?

Meet Our Team | 01/30/2022

BOTOX injections are helpful for people in El Paso who want to look younger, but BOTOX treatments are also safe for people without facial wrinkles.


Will KYBELLA® Treat My Double Chin?

Meet Our Team | 12/31/2021

KYBELLA is a useful treatment option to reduce your double chin through simple, noninvasive injections in El Paso, TX.


What Areas Of The Face Can Be Treated With JUVÉDERM®?

Meet Our Team | 11/27/2021

Discover the myriad of rejuvenating and age-defying enhancements that can be created with JUVÉDERM injectable fillers.


Can BOTOX® Treatment Help With Signs of Aging?

Meet Our Team | 10/31/2021

BOTOX can manage unwanted signs of aging like Crow's feet and frown lines. See how our clinic administers BOTOX for refreshed and rejuvenated results.


Will KYBELLA® Permanently Remove Excess Fat Under My Chin?

Meet Our Team | 09/22/2021

No one enjoys having a double chin. If you want to get rid of extra chin fat and have a slimmer neckline, learn about long-lasting KYBELLA injections.


How Long Do JUVÉDERM® Results Take To Show?

Meet Our Team | 08/12/2021

When will you be able to show off your stunning new look after JUVÉDERM filler injections? Find out the answer here!


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