Reduce the Appearance of Double Chins with Kybella
in El Paso

If you are unhappy with excess fat beneath your chin, then you are not alone. At SkinSational, we help thousands of El Paso residents to dramatically reduce bagginess and loose skin in the area of the chin using Kybella. These simple treatments enable you to enhance the appearance of your profile so that you can enjoy a slimmer, more beautiful look that completes your face shape perfectly. Our state of the art medical spa and skin care clinic offers this safe and effective treatment at the most amazing prices.

Is There a Resource for Kybella Near Me?

At SkinSational, we strive to offer our patients the most comprehensive information to all of our patients regarding their skin care treatments. Not only is Kybella one of the safest injectables on the market, having been backed by clinical trials and approved by the FDA, but it is also the most effective method to eliminate fat underneath the chin.

Kybella works by breaking down and metabolizing the fat cells at the injection site over a number of weeks. Most patients opt for between 4 and 6 treatments to achieve their optimal appearance. Each treatment takes approximately 20 minutes and is extremely well tolerated in comparison to more invasive surgical methods.

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